Sunday, June 1, 2008

The story behind the song: Malaysia Shouts Your Praise

The story behind the song: Malaysia Shouts Your Praise


I have met many Malaysians leaving the country for "greener" pastures. While there may be valid reasons for them to migrate, it saddens me whenever I hear negative comments made towards their own country.

They remember very little good or only the bad things that made them leave. That often makes me question myself, "Are we not responsible for our own nation? God cannot be making a mistake by placing us in the nation we were born in. If we leave, then who is going to reach this nation for Jesus?"

Many of us have forgotten that God has a purpose for placing us in a certain country. We often complain about the ills and forget the great things He has done in our country. We must believe that God is sovereign and HE can transform our nation.

We need to stir our hearts to love and begin to pray for our nation that God will bring revival to our streets, towns, cities, state and our country. Let us stand together united in ONE ACCORD and declare "Every Nation Shouts God's Praise."

I pray that the song will bless and inspire you to pray for your own nation.

God bless

Kelvin Lim
1a.m. director

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