Monday, December 29, 2008

2008 so far - Daniel

This year have been a wonderful, purposeful and also a bittersweet one. The team has grown older, wiser and fatter, that’s why Neil and me are working out almost everyday now.

Earlier this year, one of our band mates, Mr. TJ Tan, who played the electric guitar left to Australia to further his studies.Just when he left God sent Jude Limus, a talented brother that can play various instruments. God is amazing.

This year we were busy with a lot of recordings, especially planning for next years album. This year we recorded two albums and that is Secret Place, which is our Chinese album and Adoration, which is the instrumental album.

I personally spent a lot of nights just recording and editing, fixing and more recording and editing. We recorded a lot, arranging guitar parts and thinking of ways to make our sound sweeter, bigger and more AWESOME. But one thing that I learnt throughout this tough, muddy, dirty, grueling process was I cannot make the sound in the recording bigger or sweeter or awesome if I depend on my own strength. Philippians 4:13 say I can do all things through Christ that strengthen me. I realized there was a time when I was exhausted and I felt like I cannot go on with the recordings, it was because I depended on my own strength and I did not rely on God.

It is the same with anyone out there; you need to draw strength from God daily. But how do you do that? By just coming to God daily before you start your day in prayer and reading His word. I have to admit there are times I struggle to read His word everyday (I know you guys struggle too) but I make it an effort to meet with Him almost everyday. I'm confident you'll start your day right and also He will provide you sufficient strength, anointing and blessing as well through out the day. God Bless.

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