Thursday, January 15, 2009


I can't believe 2008 is gone. Neither am I aware that today is actually the 15th day of 2009! To be honest, I don't even think my new year have begun...I'm still in my holiday mood!

At this point of writing, my dry throat feels like it's gonna tear really soon. It hurts so bad I wanna shove a bucket of ice cream right now...but I can only dream on as it is fasting season now for us here in our church.

I am also feeling a bit tired after making a short but exciting trip to Singapore & Indonesia last weekend together with my drumming family from Drummer For Christ. It was indeed a fun trip for me as I had the opportunity to drum together with this crazy bunch of guys who happens to be the world's finest drummers:

Arthur Kam (winner of Modern Drummer Undiscovered Talent under-18 category for 2008);

Rolf Wam Fjell (Hillsong Australia's very own drumming monster);

Lim Kok Yen (Malaysia's famous drum guru);

Vince Seah (Founder of Drummer For Christ Malaysia);

Derrick Siow (Malaysia's very own Aaron Spears);

Josh Wong (probably one of the good Jazz drummers/bassists in Malaysia).

Travelling with these guys has not only benefitted me in terms of my skills and everything else that has got to do with it but God also have given me the confidence to release words to some of the members of the team…something which I'd reluctantly do not too long ago. Though simple or nothing to brag about, the fact that I was able to confidently speak into their lives has boosted me to avail myself to be a voice that God would use to encourage others even more.

Back track a little bit…Christmas Production – The Heavenly Gift…I truly had fun playing Val, a nerdy angel with a thousand and one and a half questions! It never crossed my mind that I could play that role but I surprised myself & the show went well…

Next week we'll be hitting the studio again to record 1am's 5th (my 2nd) album which should be out, if everything goes as planned, in May or June. It's gonna be a great album. Hmmm…but we pray that it'll be more than just a great record…we want it to be a conduit of the defining moment in the lives of its listeners!

My throat is really uncooperative now…please join me in prayers for its complete healing. It's a bit annoying now I feel I better stop writing here. Will give you guys a buzz again real soon. My head's spinning too! Be blessed…


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