Tuesday, April 29, 2008

From the desk of 1a.m. director

From the desk of 1a.m. director

2007 has been a wonderful & fruitful year for 1a.m., we went to 3 different nations which were U.A.E, New Zealand and Philippines. We also ministered in many different states in our own country, Malaysia.

What was more fruitful was to hear many testimonies of how God has transform their lives and now they found freedom in serving & worshipping God in a greater measure. Having an extended family all over the world is such a blessing. Truly “WORSHIP BRINGS CHANGE” in every area of our lives.

Our church ECF began 2008 with dedicating a fast of 7 days to the Lord. To seek His face and to know what is the direction that God wants us as a church to head towards. As directors of 1a.m. with Pastor Cathryn, we both felt God wants 1a.m. to reach the potential that God has for us. 2 things I felt God spoke to me. Firstly what is 1a.m’s life message? Secondly 2 strong words SPIRIT & SUBSTANCE.

In summary 1a.m. life message is Worship Brings Change. So can worship really bring change? Yes only through His Holy Spirit and gaining spiritual SUBSTANCE in our life.

This is the 1st journal of many journals as I journey and understand what the Lord is revealing to me. I pray that it will minister & bless you to keep you wanting to know more about what God is doing in 1a.m.

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