Monday, May 5, 2008




God painted a picture in my head some time ago where I see a bottle, a bottle that is no obvious defect or abnormalities and the bottle that I saw was filled with fresh water. At first glance, you won’t find anything wrong with it then until the bottle was turned upside down. Then I start to see a drip, a small drip and it started to become bigger drips.

When I saw that picture, it’s like God is reminding me the state of our spiritual life as a band and as a person. Sometimes we think our bottle is full , thinking that our spiritual life is strong, not realizing that there’s a leakage at the bottom of the bottle that is slowly leaking out, sometimes we are unaware and sometimes we are just plain ignorant of the fact that our bottle is leaking.

This is what happened when we do not constantly check our lives, thinking everything is alright without realizing that our spiritual level is low or sometimes even empty and yet we are still ignorant of what is happening. Sometimes our leakage is too small that even we won’t realize it; sometimes we need someone else to tell us that is leaking because sometimes at first glance, we think that everything is alright.

God showed me this picture to remind us that we have to constantly check ourselves, making sure we have no leakage in our spiritual lives and we need to take actions to patch it up if we have been shown or convicted of the leakage that has been happening.


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