Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Day 11 and 12

Date : 11 May

Day : Friday

Event : Morning devotion – we got together to pray for the people of Auckland. We wanted to do what God wanted us to do here. We prayed for the acoustic session for the night’s street evangelism. We also found out that day we didn’t have drums. What a challenge! We haven’t had that experience before. Well, there’s a first for everything! We were doing this by faith.

Felt that God wanted to test us and wanted us to grow in our faith. It will be to see whether we will come forth as gold. Word 1 Peter 1:7 and Job 23:10

We practiced and the line up : My God Is So Big, Secret Place, Singing & Living, My Father, All I Wanna Do and Sold Out. It was the first time we’ve ever done street evangelism. We had the pre-event prayer where everyone gathered round to pray for the city and the people of the city.

Felt that God really wants to reign in this city and the country; we needed to pray for God’s presence to be strong in the people and the city, to declare Jesus’ name high in this land. That God wants to raise great leaders in the nation to do something, to rise up.

Event : That night, the band that was on before us was very skilful in every way and it was very intimidating for the guys. They also had people coming up to testify about what God did in their lives. It’s powerful and challenging. It’s different for us because we can’t do this in Malaysia.

We got off to a shaky start because we couldn’t get the sound right. It’s a bit awkward as well as this was our first time doing anything like this in a city, out in the open. But despite the rocky start, despite the cold and despite the rain, we were able to get into worship and everything changed from there. Then PC started to sing and prophesy to the city of Auckland and you could see that it was powerful as the presence of God was there and you could see that people, strangers were engaged and “locked on”! God was doing something great and Kel started to pray over the city and declare over the city that God reigns .

God moment : pastors who headed this ministry came up to PC and talked about the anointing that was of God when we ministered. It was very encouraging to hear that and this is another confirmation that God can use anybody, despite our level of skills, despite us not having any drums, to reach people.

Fun fact : We didn’t even have drums! We only had a toy box (a yellow Sesame Street toy box) as our drums and a funny looking shaker. It was a fruitful night. God is glorified ;p

Date : 12 May

Day : Saturday

Event : Gathered together to discuss the workshops because we didn’t do a good job the last time in Christchurch. We talked about what to share to the people as they are so skilful and the best way to go is that we shared our own testimony, intimacy with God, the flow of the HS and worshiping with our instruments.

The workshop was supposed to start at 2 pm but we started at 3 pm due to the traffic. We shared :-

  1. being a contagious worshiper
  2. the 3 H’s
  3. shared testimonies
  4. worshiping with our instruments
  5. Word – not being too familiar with worship

God moment : Again, we had technical difficulties. No instruments to show dynamics but we shared from our heart and our experiences. It was fruitful.

After the workshop, we fellowshipped and had pizza for dinner. It seems like we’re having a lot of pizza lately? ;p It was great, we got to talk to some people and got to know them a bit better.

Concert : it was supposed to start at 7 pm. Venue : Rotorua Girls School (Southside) The line-up was the same as Christchurch. PC shared about the prostitute and Simon the Pharisee and I felt that this time around, she was preaching it so much stronger! (way to go PC!) people began to be liberated and especially when we hit Dive In; it was amazing! People were dancing! Again, we were told that was something new and liberating! God is really awesome in His power! All glory to Him. God really showed up that night. When we did My Father, you could almost feel the tangible presence of God – The Spirit of God filling up the place. 2 salvations and about 10 or more pledges to be Sold Out to Jesus! ;p

Lisa’s personal thought : When we were worshiping, I saw the Spirit of God fill up the whole hall like His robe, covering everything, every person and it reminded me of His glory when the train of His robe fills the temple – Isaiah 6:1-3. .

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