Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Day 16

Date : 16 May

Day : Wednesday

Event : Time to fly and go home! Back to Malaysia! Uh oh, we were kind of late again. The stress of checking in, is so bad. We had the challenge again, as usual. This time, we were in excess again (not new, huh?) Anyway, PC again explained to the officer and we didn’t realize there was this new ruling. We learnt that different airports have different requirements and rules. Now we’re smarter. Praise God, the officer let us through and we managed, just to pay our taxes and dashed to the gate! Again, it’s another adventure. It’s always exciting with 1 a.m.!

We took off and arrived in Singapore. It didn’t even feel like a 10 hour flight, thanks to the great selection of movies that was offered. The thing now was that we had to stay in Changi for another 10 hours before our flight back to KL. Changi has great facilities i.e. free internet. You could see so many people logging on and chatting with friends.

Anyway, we slept at one of the airport lounges, allocated specifically for those who are tired and weary from traveling. We met again later, at the appointed time and headed towards the departure gates. It was really tiring but it was good to heading home.

We finally got home, touched down KL at about 6.30 am and we went our ways. God brought us back safe and sound, with great stories to tell, with much more wisdom and growth. We could never have done it without God and the support of the church. You never know how blessed you are until you go out and see what’s happening in the world out there. Pastor Tim, leaders and ECF – you’re the best and we love you!

In summary

We are so honored and bless because God has always been there before us wherever He takes us to. He protected us, assured us and the best is He anointed us just like what he promise us in Isaiah 61. We have seen salvation, healing, people liberated from their mindset, people who are bound set free to worship God and many other testimonies. We just want to give God the glory for what He is doing in 1a.m.

If you are reading this and you want to know Jesus, please do write to us and we are more than happy to walk that journey with you.

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