Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Day 9 and 10

Date : 9 May

Day : Wednesday

Event : We got up, had our breakfast. There we met 3 Singaporean guys who had just finished their NS training. They went skydiving and showed us the pictures. It sounds exciting but for me, it was too expensive. Everything is pretty expensive in NZ. All the fun stuff, was way out of our budget.

After breakfast, we went for a walk around town. It was a nice day and a great souvenir shop but was warned by Kel not to carry too much stuff.

We wanted to go to Subway but the offer was only for dinner so we walked back to the hostel for Maggi Mee. Praise the Lord for creating that! ;p

Today was “free and easy” day. We were given the freedom to do what we wanted. So we split into 2 groups.

1st group : PC, Kel, Charlene and TJ. They went hiking and had a toboggan ride. They had a fun and exciting time, ended up with aches and cramps.

2nd group: Dan, Neil and Cuz. They went walking. Lisa, on the other hand, stayed in to catch up on writing the blog. The weather wasn’t that nice, it rain.

Fact : We discovered that we all have different ideas and different interests.

Date : 10 May

Day : Thursday

Event : Morning - check out from the bed & breakfast and leave for the airport. We had to all go to the airport and then return the cars to the car rental company. It was all pretty organized.

At the airport, PC shared a story a from a Max Lucado book and about understanding one another. She then suggested that we all write notes of appreciation and of encouragement to one another. It was good, to promote unity. We all need to be in the right spirit and the right frame of mind if we are to be strong together. We need to be united in the spirit and heart.

Check in point : we always seem to have some form of challenge or other when it comes to this. It’s interesting that somehow or other, God pulls us through. We didn’t have to pay for excess weight. It’s also always very interesting to note that Daniel is always the one that has a bit of a snag(?) He had to go back to the check in point even after passing customs to check in his hand carry luggage. And it always seems that PC has to talk to the authorities to explain our situation. Thank God for leaders! ;p

God Moment: God is always looking out for us. We are so blessed. Every time we step out, even though we face challenges, God pulls through every time. Even in the instance of the luggage, the authorities here are pretty strict. They would charge $5 per kilo so we were quite worried because 2 of our bags were over the limit. But we are so grateful that God gave us safe passage and smooth travel.

Arrival in Auckland!

Alfred and Kelly came to the airport to pick us up. We were so very, very happy to see familiar faces. It’s great to have family wherever you go. ;p

We had to go get some food and stock up before we go to Alf’s home. Five, big guys to feed is no easy task. We went to Alf’s place and caught up, with our e-mails! It was quite funny to see 3 laptops hooked up on the dining table at the same time!

R & R : That night, we had dinner and fellowshipped with Ken and Millie. It was a surprise for us as we had met Millie at Christchurch on the day of the dedication of the new church. It was nice to see another familiar face. We chatted a bit and caught up. We had lamb, mushroom chicken and hell’s pizza. We then talked about the people and how they were like here; the culture, the style of worship. It’s very Israel Houghton here.

PC and Lisa had to stay at Pastor John’s place. It was a great place. .

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