Thursday, March 8, 2007

Day 1 - Dubai

Day 1

We arrived, got settled. The place where we stay - is a huge bungalow! A Villa! It was also their office. It's very comfortable and the bathrooms are big!

Today, we all gathered just before lunch and did our devotion. We came together and prayed and meditated. The word from Kel was Matt 10:39. What stirred us most is the fact that Jesus was talking about a Sold Out life. We needed to reflect again on our lives and what a Sold Out life should be like. That reminded us and aligned us.

We had lunch with all the pastors. Our host was Pastor Rouell (the Senior Pastor and his wife Pastor Febs) and then there was Pastor Aljay, Pastor Mar (the Senior Pastor of Sharjah church). There were also a few other people we met from the technical side, like Peter, Roy, etc.

After lunch, we had a quick discussion on our itineraries. Today we are to prepare for a workshop in Sharjah. But we had to leave the Villa by 4pm even though the workshop was at 8pm because of traffic. From what I can see, Dubai and Sharjah are like KL and PJ. So the distance is about the same. However, we went to the Megamall in Sharjah to have lunch. We discussed on how the workshop will be conducted. We talked about how we can inspire the church.

We were quite prepared as we ran through again all the things that we needed to do. We were rather unsure of what to expect. On the way, we looked at the place. It is a desert - the land is dry.

We arrived at a compound, where all the churches are built. In the UAE, you're not allowed to worship anywhere unless they were designated places/are. So all the churches are in one area/compound. You can meet at people's homes but it has to be done very discreetly. You can't have your own building. The people are praying and we should stand together with them.

After the workshop in Sharjah, according to Pastor Aljay, we did very well. We felt though that we didn't time ourserves well enough. However, we learn and by God's grace we will do better the next time. We felt that we did what God asked us to do and felt God's presence. We did band dynamics with "My Father" and Pastor Cathryn did the workshop on worship leading. The Lord ministered and the people received.

As Dubai is 4 hours behind us, it takes some getting used to. So when we finished at 11.30pm, it was actually 3.30 am in the morning.....

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