Thursday, March 8, 2007

Day 4

Day 4

We had an early start. Today is a very, very packed day. It's morning service at Holy Trinity at 10.30 am, then lunch at Pastor Mar's Villa and then afternoon service at St Martins at 2 pm and then back to the Villa in Dubai for Workshop/Q&A.

We went early to Holy Trinity. It's interesting to see the people doing the set up again.

This time, people knew us and there were more people today. It is a holiday - Prophet Mohammad's birthday so the next day was a public holiday.

Service starts at 10.30 am and finishes at 12 noon.
Our line up :- Take It All, Singing & Living, Our God Reigns, Sold Out

Neil led worship here and did very well. We finished and quickly packed up and left for Sharjah (Pastor Mar's villa). It was interesting, the van was stuck because Neil didn't see a hole and the wheel of the van got stuck. But it's so good to see how the brothers in the church took over and helped us to get the van out. Praise God for spiritual family!

So we went over to Pastor Mar's villa for lunch. The food was great and we had a great time of fellowship with Pastor Mar. He opened his house to us and is a very gracious host. We rested and relaxed. Then at around 1.30 pm, we left the villa for St Martin's. The sound team had already gone ahead and set up the equipment while we were at the villa. They are pretty organised. ;p

So service started. Our line up was:- Majesty, Take It All, Here I Am to Worship and Sold Out

Pastor Cathryn led worship and this time, Kel took the pulpit. He preached about David and how Sold Out was evident in the scripture. He shared about his dreams and his call. He even showed a physical example of Goliath and David.People were touched and encouraged. He challenged the people to live a Sold Out life. The church in Sharjah is also starting a new service in one of the hotels. We pray that it will be another breakthrough for them. They have to be very careful and watchful. By the time we finished at Sharjah, it was already around 4.30 pm.

Then straight after that, we went back to the Villa to prepare for the last workshop on Vocals, Sound and Q&A. that was supposed to be at 7 pm. So we waited for the equipment, setting up, etc.. we had to also wait for the people to get to the Villa after work. We finally started our workshops around 7.30 pm.

Each workshop was fruitful. I felt that people received and the response was good. We are sooo thankful and grateful to God that we can be a vessel in this area.

We finished around 10 pm and headed out to the beach for a barbecue. They arranged for food and invited the people who were in the worship teams to come and fellowship.

The event was great. We didn't have much time at the park/beach but it was fun. We got to fellowship, build relationships and shared our lives even more. As the place closed at 11pm, we went to another beach, near the Burj. It was amazing. There were many people there. People from different backgrounds were at this place. This place was full of life, even so late at night. It goes to show that people in Dubai don't sleep!!! We left this place at 1am (another sign Smile ), which was again about 5 am in Malaysia!!! But it was worth it.

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