Thursday, March 8, 2007

Tour Dubai

Tour Dubai

With finally a tedious flight and formalities out of the way, we happily trudged out of the airport onto official Dubai soil. Pastor Aljay met us excitedly, a great guy, passionate speaker, and awesome host. Of course, as humble ‘missionaries' we never expected for Aljay to put us in a huge mansion for our weeks stay. Then again, nearly all homes in Dubai are huge mansions.

It wasn't long before we had work on our hands. Our first workshop in Sharjah was fruitful, as a band still learning to reach a certain standard of public speech, our delivery of ideas met well, well absorbed. People were excited; our concert the next day was chocked full. Crowds met excitedly in praise and worship, you know the presence of God is strong when you find out the next day 4 people gave their lives to Christ without an alter call, even though we didn't play that well.

The rest of our trip consisted of more workshops, praise and worships sessions, getting to know the ‘Dubai-ans', which are a socialite bunch of photo-loving, warm, and fun people; even though a little extreme at times.

Of course we had our grand finale concert in Abu Dhabi, once again chocked full with people. Congregation was wild, people's hearts open to worship; it was definitely a blast. More than just playing well, the presence of God was definitely strongly tangible in the theatre; so tangible in fact the band burst out into solo performances - something we've never rehearsed or done before.

We've accomplished what we've come to do; bring aspects of worship to bring their team to the next level, preach the gospel, helped others encounter God. One of the prophetic words Pastor Mar received was God opening the ozone layer and pouring His presence down upon U.A.E. He also prophesied over 1a.m. as a fertile ministry, and will bear many fruits to come. People were SOLD OUT!

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