Thursday, March 8, 2007

Day 2

Day 2

Cuz is unwell. He has a tummy problem. Lisa still has her cough. It's annoying. She can't sing properly and we're sure that Cuz can't play properly as well. Lisa felt that is was a test, to see if she can worship God without her voice at it's best. Tonight, it's the Worship Concert at St Martin's Sharjah

Devotion : we came together in the morning. Thanking God and the word that came from Kel was Ezekiel 33:31-32 and from PC was Psalms 4:4. We prayed and asked for a Word from God for the people. Tonight is the first concert and it was to be in Sharjah. It's exciting.We are going to declare how great God's strength is and that there will be redemption. The people needed healing in all areas and God will show Himself. We also needed to think of God, think of His thoughts and not have our own way of thinking.

Sharjah is a more conservative place and foreigners are expected to adhere to their dress-code; we're not supposed to expose our flesh too much - no mini-skirts, shorts, tank tops, no sleeveless tops ; on the other hand Dubai is very modern and open. It's something that we need to get used to.

The hall in St Martin's was able to fit about 400-450 people. It was quite big. We had to be there by 5.30 pm to set-up. When we arrived, they hadn't opened the doors yet. Finally, the doors opened at around 5.45 pm. Every minute is precious. There were problems during the sound-check especially for the vocals and the keyboard as Kel was using only 1 keyboard. The structure/layout of the stage is a bit cramped and there are 2 marble pillars on the sides. We had to work around it. The sound engineers did their best and we learned to work around the situation.

Before we started, we prayed and asked that God's glory be shown.The songs that we did are :

  1. The Anthem
  2. Majesty (Planetshakers)
  3. Take It All
    Community Video - sharing by Kel
  4. Breathe (altar call by Kel)
    Neil's Testimony
  5. Sold Out
    Exaltation by PC
  6. Sold Out
  7. All I want Do
    Blessed Draw
  8. Here I Am
  9. Here I Am to Worship

There were people of all ages in Sharjah. At the beginning, there weren't that many people but later that night, there were more. It seemed that it was almost full. For the first altar call at Breathe, we couldn't tell how many people were ministered as Kel encouraged them to stay where they are and to worship from there. The young people and the leaders of the church were standing in the front rows. They were so responsive and you could see that the Presence of God was strong. For Neil's testimony, quite a number of people responded as he's their "homeboy" and knew him personally. People were blessed and encouraged. Then for Sold Out, PC preached to the people, encouraged them to live a Sold Out Life for God - she preached on Peter's call; the question that burned Peter's soul - on whether he truly loved the Lord enough to live the Sold Out Life.

This time, the 2nd altar call, people were encouraged to move to the front. They were challenged to come up to give their lives; to recommit and live "Sold Out" for God. The leaders and PC prayed over the people as we sang Sold Out.

By the time we finished, it was around 11 pm. We prayed and thanked God. That will always be the first thing that we do whenever we finish something. God is to be glorified, always. In fact, the center space on stage is for God, nobody else takes that place. It's His rightful place of honor. We weren't able to finish all the songs that we lined up due to time constraints. The pastors also came up every now and then to give a prophetic word. One of the prophetic word's Pastor Mar gave was that he felt God open the ozone layer and He is pouring His presence down upon U.A.E. He also prophesied that 1a.m. is a fertile ministry and it will bear much fruits.

We went back, came together and talked about it. It certainly wasn't our best musically or technically. We had to straighten the kinks, we discussed what could be improved and discovered that timing and execution needed to be improved. We also discovered that we needed to reflect even more and rely even more on God. This was truly a test of our faith.

PC exalted us to think and focus on God before we rested. That we needed to quiet the other voices and listen clearly to the Voice of God. PC is very wise. She constantly reminds us to condition ourselves so that we didn't fall sick and be able to minister at all times.

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