Thursday, March 8, 2007

Day 6

Day 6

We were given a tour of a beautiful hotel called the Madinet Jumeirah. It is built by the sea and the waterways are open i.e. the seawater flows into the waterways built in the hotel,felt like we were in Venice. It was an exotic and beautiful place, very romantic, ha ha! It's a famous spot. The architecture is beautiful. It looks like a Morroccon palace.

After the tour, it was time for us to have some fun! We went to the Wild Wadi.It was right next to the Burj Hotel (rated 7 star). It was fun for the guys. We played together. We were also blessed to know that one of the church members, Dong worked there so he could get us in for only dhl15 (normal price dhl150). We were so blessed.

During the drive to the malls and wid wadi, Pastor Aljay shared with us how inspired the worship team was. The fact that Daniel only 20 years old, TJ going 21, Cuz and Neil in their early 20's took the step of faith and showed what God can do with the talent God has given them, inspired many of their musicians who may be much more talented than us yet we were in faith to show that God can use us. What more with them who has greater talent and yet not use it for the glory of God.

He also mention that many people were SOLD OUT through the worship and preaching messages to know that they have a greater calling in Dubai not just their carrier but a purpose to reach out to the nation of U.A.E. We thank the Lord that God used us to inspire and challenge the people.

Then we went to one of the malls to have a look around. In that mall, there was the skiing place as well as a lot of shops.

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