Thursday, March 8, 2007

Destination : Dubai UAE

Destination : Dubai UAE

Today is THE DAY. The preparations that led up till today were indeed one filled with challenges; we felt like God was molding and working in us to be better vessels. ;p Each of us were growing in our faith and also getting to know each other better. We had much to do: equipment lists, itineraries, schedule practices, prayer, worship etc... these were the main things that we concentrated on and it's different this time. Why? Not only because this is a new line-up but also because we are 7 different people learning to be with one another for more than a week and doing things together as a team. We have to be united.

There was a buzz of acitivity leading till today. TODAY, we will depart but before we left, our heart and mind were filled with questions, uncertainty, excitement and anxiety at the same time. It's not that we are not in faith, but just that it feels surreal. It's hard to get a grip on what's happening. And this mission, this call for 1 am is sooo BIG! How does one begin to actually understand what God is doing? It amazes us, everytime we see how God moves; how this trip came about, how the band got together, how the album came about, there's no denying that they're all divine works of God. We serve an awesome God; too awesome to comprehend but the important thing that we learned is this: when He calls, you gotta give your all.;p

These are some of the comments from the guys prior at KLIA while waiting for our flight :-

TJ : nervous but excited

PC : excited - "I always wanted to minister to the Middle East people. Can't wait to see what God will do. Going to have the opportunity to get to know the boys better".

Kel : excited. 1am's first trip and feeling a sense of anticipation of what God's gonna do

Neil :Just wants to go home!

Dan :?


Lisa: excited, wondering what God will do and very, very honored to be a part of this

We are so blessed by our church, ecf. We received many messages, prayers and well wishes. That's so encouraging to know that we have the church standing with us. We are not alone. ;p We wanna make God and our church proud.

Scripture : Psalm 10 and 1 Peter 3:12

Most memorable thing : TJ's bag doesn't lock; the Idol guitar sound?

Our flight was delayed!!! But that wasn't the only thing, we had to run!!! The gates were changed - which was quite a distance for us to cover. However, we got there in time - Praise God! It was final call ;{ But we managed. What was interesting was that we lift off at exactly 1 a.m. in the morning! Thought that was a sign of confirmation from the Lord. ;p We can't wait and we pray that He'll really reveal Himself to us and to the people in Dubai. May there be great things and great reports,

in Jesus name, amen.

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